Saturday, April 19, 2014

MAC Review: Playland

So I somehow (cough) got roped into being one of the first to check out Mac's new 'Playland' collection.  I was impressed and I was also not impressed.  It's a lot of neon's, blues, yellows, greens, colors that are so much fun but not quite as practical for every day use.  Upon entering the store I was beyond impressed/envious of all of the employee's eye shadow looks but none of their makeup would have been practical for work purposes outside a Mac store sadly.

I did however, get a chance to review and purchase a few of these new items!

Firstly, there are the loose pigments.  These I was the most disappointed by because there were so few wearable colors.  The colors were so pretty and would be great for a photo shoot or if you like really bright colors,  I only purchased the Olive Green.  This color was gorgeous and a little more muted than the others so I can definitely incorporate this into my daily use.  

The next set was the Mac Playland Pencils.  These can  be used for both lip liners and eye shadow liner.  The pink was just a great color for every day use as a lip liner, same with the peach.  The black kind of surprised me because it was so different than everything else they were offering but it was a great classic black liner.  The blue I LOVED!  It was so vibrant and would add the perfect pop of color to your eyes.

Then there were the lipsticks. All of these, even the bright yellow color were all phenomenal.  They each brought their own unique color to the table and I basically wanted one of all of them.  My favorite was the Happy-Go-Lucky color, it was awesome!

Next, were the Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour, which can be used both as a lip gloss and a blush. I love products that can be used in multiple ways!  Plus these are super moisturizing which of course I love. They were already sold out of one of the colors so sadly I couldn't get it but I loved every color they offered of this.  I purchased the'For Your Amusement' and 'Young At Heart'.

Lastly, they had an amazing line of lip glosses.  I felt as though I owned a lot of similar colors so I didn't purchase as many as I'd wanted but they have an amazing variety.  The yellow one added a really pretty gold tone over any lipstick which I thought was just awesome and came off so nicely.  I loved the 'Lots of Laughs' peach one too, it was so pretty and great for summer!

So those were my thoughts on their new collection.  Have you guys tried it yet?  What'd you think?




  1. I was a bit disappointed as well when I was looking at their products online, I mean I can't think of a single occasion that I would wear yellow eyeshadow or lipstick to, apart from Halloween!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Yea, it was a little too bright for every day use, and the colors that were usable were all so similar to colors I already owned. You could definitely have some fun with the colors on Halloween though lol!