Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fun Summery Lip

I'm gearing up for summer so I've been playing around with different lipstick colors, trying to find a fun pink, neon, coral look.  Using a bright pink liner to color in the outside half of my lips, leaving the middle pale.  Then using a coral link pencil you color in the remaining middle of your lips.  I then used a loose pigment in pink to go back over that pink liner and give it some shimmer.  Then I used a yellow pigment to go over the coral because I didn't want it to be too orange, but you could always use an orange pigment as well.  Then I used Vaseline in place of a clear gloss to blend the colors together.

The shadow I'm wearing in the video is from my Mac Brown Pressed Pigment video.



Products Used:

In Anticipation Lip Liner by Mac
Lasting Sensation Lip Liner by Mac
Rose Loose Pigment by Mac
Lily White Loose Pigment by Mac
Vaseline in Place of a Clear Gloss


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