Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's About to Be Bikini Season! Check Out These Awesome YouTube Workout Videos I Found!!

So it’s finally starting to be spring!  And while I may be the only person left in the states who wouldn’t hate another snow storm, I know most of you are excited.  That being said, now is the time that a lot of people like to kick it into high gear with their workouts.  Gyms in NY are roughly $5 billion dollars a year so they can be difficult to swing if you’re counting your pennies.  Which is exactly why YouTube is amazing!  I’ve done a few workouts on there and there are 2 that I am absolutely obsessed with.   Both can be done in the comfort of your home, both challenge you and make you sweat, both make you have that amazing sore the next day and both only require a yoga mat!

The first is Blogilates (or you can search Pop Pilates).  It is taught by Cassey Ho, who is really just phenomenal.  She has a wide variety of videos from beginner to advanced, as well as videos that target specific areas of your body, if you’re just looking to tone.   She is phenomenal about explaining things, and giving alternative moves if a particular exercise is a little too advance to do the full move.  I try to do her videos at least a few times a week!  They’re short, so you can probably do 2-3 a day and trust me, the next day you will feel it!  Check out her YouTube channel here


The second, which I just found and am obsessed with is DoYouYoga.Com.  This channel is amazinggg too!  It’s taught by Erin Motz, who is just so great.  All of the moves focus intently on the breathing, and she has a very calming voice that can help while your legs and arms scream in pain J  The videos are amazing though.  The best part is she offers a 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  You sign up at their website here and they’ll email you daily yoga videos, increasing in challenge every video.  The first few you’re like ‘oh…this is easy’, by the 5th you’re like ‘sweet Jesus, take me now’ lol, but it’s TOTALLY worth it.  It’s great too because it’s never the same moves so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over.  These videos are short as well so you can do 1 a day or you can do a few.  I highly recommended it!  This the YouTube channel


Let me know if you guys try any of these!  What do you think?



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