Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Product That Will Save Your Life When You Wake Up Late

Alright, so I know dry shampoos have a lot of amazing uses. They can make your hair easier to style, they can refresh your look, they can add volume and body, they can do all these magical things.  But let's be real. Dry shampoo is so amazing because it can transform your hair from a greasy, disgusting, shouldn't be seen in public, disaster to this amazing, full bodied, did you just come from the salon? look!

When your alarm goes off and you push snooze (like I do daily), and then look at the phone again only to discover 30 mins have passed and you will undoubtedly be late for work.  To make matters worse that morning shower you were planning on is no longer an option.  Rather than roll up to the office rocking a hat you can calmly pull out your bottle of dry shampoo, spray a little over your hair  and walk out the door like you had all the time in the world!  (Please don't forget your deodorant and perfume).  

Now, if your mornings aren't quite as dramatic as this you might be thinking 'I don't need a product like that.  I'm an adult who can wake up when my alarm goes off'.  When they're just wrong.  EVERYONE need a product like this.  Dry shampoo can give your hair volume, and refresh it when you're going on day two or day three of a style.  It's great for if you want to tease your hair to start with that and it's good for giving strands a breather from washing.  Also, if you have super thin hair, the kind you're not supposed to wash every day, but can't go a day without needed a wash, this product will change your life.  

Now I've tried a host of different dry shampoos in the quest to find something that's affordable, but also that works.  

Classic:  Baby Powder

Don't know it 'til you've tried it.  Sprinkling baby powder on your head can refresh your hair and sop up any of the excess oils on your scalp.  It lasts all day as well.

Cons: It/you reek of baby power.  You have to be very careful to brush it all through or your hair turns white.  Probably not great for darker hair colors.  It gets all over your closes.

The Worst: TRESemme Dry Shampoo

I despise the smell of their products.  If this doesn't bother you you probably won't hate this as much.  As for how it works, I find my hair is still greasy, there is no volume and it doesn't look any better.  Fail

The Best Drugstore Brand: Pssssst

This stuff is great.  It's only around $7 a bottle. There is no scent and it works really well.  It doesn't last as long or give quite as nice of a shine as the other better brands but definitely a great buy if you're looking to not spend too much.

The Best High-End Product: Oribe Dry Texturing Spray

This stuff is amazing!  It cleans your hair, gives your hair killer body and texture and makes it look as though you've just stepped out of the salon.  Completely worth the splurge in my book, but at $39 it is pricey.  

SUPERSTAR: Klorane Dry Shampoo

This is the End-All-Be-All of dry shampoos.  It's lightweight, unscented, it doesn't make your hair turn white or leave a gross scent.  It adds volume to your hair and is great for spraying on even clean hair to give some body and lift.  It's only $18 and it's worth. Every.Last.Penny.

What are your favorites?  Have you tried any of the above?



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