Monday, February 3, 2014

The Brush That Changed My Life


So I have relatively manageable hair.  However, if I tease my hair or don't comb it for a few days it can get cray.  There is nothing worse than getting out of the shower and having just one huge knot.  It's like WTF.  I've tried using detangling leave-in conditioners and they work relatively well, but still pulling the comb through my tangles always hurts.  I'd heard about this brush that was supposed to be great for detangling hair but hadn't really given it too much thought.

I somehow got roped into doing a free Amazon Prime trial and during the month I had it I felt the need to buy as much as possible to get my (free) money's worth for the month.  So, one day it occurred to me that maybe this brush was worth trying.  I looked it up and it was the weirdest shape, but it cost me like $3 I was like why the heck not?!  BEST $3 I EVER SPENT.  This little thing is a miracle worker.  Comb your hair with it before you shower, after you shower, when you wake up, whenever the heck you feel like it.  I can't even imagine the wonders it works on people with actually tangley hair.  It's seriously so amazing, I threw away all my other brushes just because I hate them so much now :)

But for real.  If you have an extra $3 lying around, buy this brush. (Just get it on Amazon because it costs like $15 retail).



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