Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I Need This In Every Color and Every Style....NOW

I am a HUUUGE fan of summer.  I love the snow and winter but I'll take a relaxing day at the beach over the cold of NY any day.  I usually buy some cheap cover up from H&M or somewhere that lasts me one season, pills and then I have to toss.  Not only is it frustrating it's a huge waste of money!! Plus, I'm usually surrounded by girls in super cute cover ups and I feel like I'm wearing a muumuu.  

I've tried a variety of different stores from H&M, to Forever 21, even Victoria's Secret but I always find the quality is the same and I have to toss it at the end of the season.

Then I stumbled on this gem....

MAAJ Boutique


Even the homepage of the website makes me want to be on vacation.  Every one of the pieces is beautifully hand made which means no one will have the same the piece as you.  I recently wore my new cover-up on my trip to the Bahamas and I'm not kidding when I say I had at least 6 people ask me where I got it.  I was skeptical of the price because, obviously if it wasn't going to last like the other cover-ups I'd purchased in the past, I didn't want to spend the money.  Not only did it last me the entire trip, it still looks brand new.  Also, I was nervous about the washing thinking it would be a whole big ordeal but it actually proved just as easy to wash as anything else I own.  

Being a super huge fan of all things pink I started my collection with the 'Majorca Sequined Ombre Kaftan'.  It is literally probably one of the prettiest pieces I own.  I would wear it to work if that wouldn't be such a faux pas hahaha.  


Now that I have this piece I'm currently lusting after the 'Corfu Zig Zag Beaded Kaftan' and the 'Musha Cay Beadwork Kaftan'.  

The best part is I read that they're launching their new collection soon so I can't even imagine what their new line will look like.  I could not be more excited about this boutique and now obviously have to plan more vacations so I can wear my new pieces!! My job will totally understand :)

What do you guys think?  Has anyone purchased any pieces?  I'm obsessed!





  1. Hi Kelly!! Wow! The colors in the first outfit are my favorites! vibrant and fun. I can't wait for summer ;)
    Xo, Elba at LiveColorful.com

  2. Thank you!! I am OBSESSED with the entire collection and will probably end up owning most of the pieces by summer :)

    Also I just checked out your site and it is so cute!! There's so much on there I love it!!