Sunday, March 9, 2014

How I Whiten My Teeth

I'm a big coffee drinker, and an even bigger red wine drinker, both of which can wreak havoc on your teeth!  As a result I try to whiten my teeth as often as possible.  I've used most of the store-brand products out there, Crest Stips, Colgate, the one where you actually paint it on your teeth.  While most work temporarily I've found that they cause so much sensitivity that I end up usually tossing them, or leaving them on the shelf until they've gone bad.

Last year for Christmas my mom actually got me this kit called "Ultra-White".  The whitening effects of the product last far longer than any of the drugstore brands I've tried, and I really only have to use it once or so a week.  The kit is expensive at first.  They send you the necessary products to make a mold of your mouth and you mail it so they can send you back retainer-like pieces specially fitted to your mouth.  They also send you 6 tubes full of the whitening product.  I've found the tubes usually last a few months as you don't need more than a drop or two to get the full effect.   You put the whitening gel in the retainer, leave it on your mouth for up to an hour and then voila! you're done.

Now, this can also be incredibly painful for sensitive teeth like mine, however, I learned the most amazing trick ever!  Before you put the container in, put tons of Vaseline over your gums.  I kid you not, this will stop your gums from burning or any painful sensation that comes from the whitening gel.  It's kind of messy obviously, but if you've experienced the pain of whitening your teeth you'll know it's worth.  So, slather that on, throw in the retainers and then do something for the next 45 mins to an hour while your teeth magically whiten.  

I love this stuff! I think it's a great alternative to the store- brand as it just lasts longer than any of the other products I've tried.  You can purchase it here at their website and as I mentioned it will last you a while so you won't have to constantly spend money replacing them.

Teeth Whitening 22% Deluxe System

What are your guy's favorite teeth whitening products?  Does anyone have any other tips or tricks for avoiding sensitivity?




  1. This looks really interesting. I have tried heap of teeth whitening products before but not this one, I find my teeth naturally go whiter when I eat really healthy. True story.
    Hey lovely come enter my give away!
    Renee x

    1. Thanks!! Eating healthier, and not eating/drinking darker things definitely helps for sure! I've entered your give away thanks so much! Love your page and please come back!! xo