Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Minute Makeup Look

I absolutely LOVE doing makeup (obviously...).  I love getting ready, I love taking hours doing my hair and makeup and perfecting my look, I love trying new looks, I love trying new makeup; I love it all.  What I don't love, nay, DESPISE, is waking up.  And morning.  And basically any hour before noon.  (If it were up to me, work would just be whenever your body naturally wakes you up, until like 4pm).  So, while I always fantasize about being the hot girl in my office with the perfect makeup and hair, I'm usually the hot mess in the pony tail.  I have, however, figured out the perfect 5 minute makeup look that allows me to look as though I did not just roll out of bed 10 minutes ago (which I usually just did).  It's super simple, only involves a few eye shadow shades, and really is very easy to customize to your own needs.  So, in that vein, I created a video this past weekend showing my 'Get Ready With Me Look'.  Check out my video below!

What are your favorite, easy morning looks?




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