Saturday, March 15, 2014

Favorite Mac Eyeshadows

Mac Cosmetics is my absolute favorite line!  I think that the majority of their products are just amazing and the quality is always amazing and I'm never disappointed.  Out of all of their products I'm most loyal to their eye shadows.  I've compiled a list here of my favorites, trying to include both some neutrals, as well as some of their brighter colors.

Check out my video to see my thoughts on my favorite colors here:


1.) Mylar-  It's a simple, matte white color that's great for highlighting your brow
2.) Phloof-  This is a super shimmery white color that's great for highlighting and adding a pop of shimmer

3.) Naked Lunch- This is my favorite color in the whole wide world!  It's a beautiful nude, champagne color that's a great base, it makes your eyes pop without being too colorful or out-there

4.) Kid- This is a great transition color.  It's a soft brownish color that's very neutral and great for transitioning shades in your crease
5.) Quarry- This is a beautiful light purple/grey color that goes on great in the crease to add some definition

6.) Espresso- This is a dark brown color that's great for adding dimension and drama to your crease

Fun Colors-

7.) Sketch- This is an AWESOME purple, shimmery color that goes great in your crease and adds depth

8.) Idol Eyes- This is a shimmery, light purple color that's fun for doing a purple smokey eye, or adding a pop of color to any look

9.) Scene- This is a grey color that's great for both smokey eyes, as well as using in the crease to add some drama

10.) Carbon- This is a simple black matte color.  Great for smokey eyes, great for any look you want a really dark black with

11.) Black Tied- This is similar to Carbon but has some blueish, silver shimmer to it, so it's more frosted than carbon

12.) Greensmoke- This is a dark green color with hints of gold that is fun for doing a different smokey eye than the traditional blacks




  1. So many of these are my favorites too! Mylar is such a great color. I have almost used mine up! I need to get Kid, and I can't believe I don't have it already! You are really great on camera! xoxo Lauren

    1. Aww thank you so much!! Mylar is amazing, I use it every day. Naked lunch is my favorite though, I go through at least 3 of those a year!