Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Review

**Please keep in mind, I am by NO means talented at doing my nails, nor do I profess to be any type of expert in this field**

I am not horrible at doing my nails, when I really put my mind to it, but I am also by no means good.  However, I don’t have money to spend to get a manicure every week so I find myself doing them a lot.  Then, I heard about Gel manicures when they first became all the rage and I was so excited!  A manicure that lasts over 2 weeks!  Awesome.  The problem is, these are expensive too, so I’m limited in how often I can afford to splurge on these.  I tried getting the whole kit with the LED light and the top coat and the base coat and all that fun stuff.  Way too complicated for me.  Not only was it really time consuming, I wasn’t good enough at doing my nails that I’d always end up with bumps or just horrible looking nail polish.  That’s why when I saw that Sally Hansen had come out with a simple 2 step, LED free Gel Polish I was SO excited!  I thought this would be the perfect solution to having to do my nails every week and save me some serious manicure money!

I ran out to the store and purchased the top coat and the color ‘Blacky’.  I applied the color Blacky first, it came fine, and only took 2 coats to get a nice even, color.  Then, after it had dried slightly, I applied the top coat.  The top coat again, went on evenly, no bubbles and it seemed to work well.  I got a little around the edges of my nails but it was easy enough to remove.  However, by the next day my nails had begun to chip.  Now, my nails break easily so I don’t have the best canvas or base to begin with, but I would expect more than just one day’s worth.  As the week wore on, the polish began to chip the same as regular polish.  The tips of my nails began to chip away and even some of the base.  I got no more wear out of it than a regular polish, and I might even venture to say less wear.

Now, this is where my disclaimer comes in.  I am not great at painting my nails and I do not have the best nails to work with.  Therefore, this polish might work better on someone with healthier nails or someone who’s better at applying nail polish.  I, however, was not impressed.  For the price I expected way better quality.  I think for the price I’d rather stick with my classic Essie and O.P.I polishes.



After 1 Week:

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