Friday, October 31, 2014

My Fall Makeup Foundation Routine

Foundation is a product that you should be ever changing.  As the seasons change, your skin tone changes, your skin texture changes, your age changes etc. you should always adjust your foundation accordingly.  I generally use a different routine and products as the seasons change because I find that my skin needs different things.  I'm lucky in that I haven't had very oily skin since high school, so I generally try to find a foundation that is for normal skin.  In the winter I look more for combination skin and the summer for oily skin.  It's important to be aware of what your skin needs so you know what products to use.

In the fall, I no longer am running around all hot and sweaty so I generally switch my foundation from BareMinerals to a cream foundation.  It provides more coverage, without being overly heavy and as my skin pales it creates a more even tone.  Adding a cream foundation of course means having to use a setting powder to keep it in place.  There are different options you can use for this, everything from a simple oil-soaking setting powder, to something that adds a bit of glow or skin enhancing effect to your skin.  

My moisturizer remains the same for the most part, though at night I'll use a heavier moisturizer as my skin starts to dry out.  I'll also apply vaseline at night and in the morning to keep my lips from getting too chapped.

There's a few other things I change up as well, watch my video to see the rest of my fall foundation routine!



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