Monday, November 10, 2014

8 Tricks You Should Know For Concealer

So concealer is one of the first products I think most girls start using.  As we enter into our teen years and that glorious phase of acne, concealer is usually the first product girls will reach to in an attempt to cover them up.  While concealer is a pretty basic product, there are some tips that you should know when applying!

1.)  Concealer can double as an eyeshadow primer:  If you can't afford, or just don't want to shell out extra money for a eyelid primer, concealer can do the trick just as nicely.  Just dab a little on your eye and use your finger to smooth it out and voila! instant primer.

2.)  Liquid foundation can be used in place of concealer: We've all had that moment where you reach for your concealer only to realize that you've used it all up.  The key to this is be careful not to use a foundation that's too dark or it will only highlight the area you're trying to cover up.  Apply a dab of the foundation, allow it a minute or so to set and thicken and then blend it.

3.) Apply concealer in the shape of a 'V' under your eye: I used to apply my concealer as a messy glob under my eye and then blend in.  Then I learned the trick that if you apply it in the shape of a 'V' it actually lifts the the face and draws focus upward.  This is far more flattering than applying in a circle shape or a messy glob.  Trust me.

4.) Always use your ring finger to blend your concealer: Your ring finger is your weakest finger and therefore will give you the lightest touch when you blend.  It will also allow you more control and ensure you don't have to continually reapply to get the right amount of coverage.

5.) Apply concealer over your lips before applying red lipstick:  This will create a blank canvas for the red to go on and keep the lipstick in place much longer than just applying it straight to your lips.  You can also apply a translucent powder over a tissue after you've applied the lipstick as double protection for keeping it in place.

6.) Apply a line of concealer to sharpen the edges of any eyeshadow look or fix any mistakes:  Sometimes when you're apply a crease color it can get really messy.  Other times you just want a really sharp look.  Either way once you've finished applying the eyeshadow you can draw a line from the corner of your eye up to your brow and lightly blend it in with your ring finger.

7.)  Always apply your eyeshadow first:  This reason for this is simple.  Eyeshadow has a tendency to fall (especially dark colors) as you're applying it.  If you had applied your concealer first the eyeshadow would stick to the concealer and you'd have to start all over.  This way you can easily brush off any excess powder and then apply your concealer afterwards.

8.) To cover a blemish, first use green concealer:  Green balances out the redness of a spot so apply green concealer directly on the blemish, using your ring finger to blend out the edges.  Then, after your green concealer has set, lightly dab (using your ring finger again) on your regular concealer to cover the green.  Be really careful in applying as less is always more with colors.

These are just a few of the tricks out there, there are hundreds!  What are some of your favorites?



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