Saturday, November 22, 2014

Current Eyeshadow Palette Obsessions

I have a love/hate relationship with eyeshadow palettes.  I think a lot of them can include beautiful colors, but then also have a bunch of colors I'd never touch.  It's really hard to find a palette that has all colors I could find a use for.  That's why I love when the holidays roll around!  Most companies come out with palettes for the holidays, and a lot of them include such a wide variety of colors that I can find uses for all of them.  In doing my research these are the palettes that I'm currently obsessed with!!  What do you guys think?

Laura Mercier- Artist’s Palette For Eyes & Cheeks $58

I am totally crushing on this palette right now!  It comes with 8 gorgeousss eyeshadow shades and one super versatile blush.  The shades range from matte to shimmer and deep rich blues to light, shimmery nudes.  There is a such a gorgeous range of colors in this palette and so many looks can be done from it!  It comes in this really pretty little kit and is a great gift for the holidays!  I’ve used Laura Mercier’s shadows before and never been disappointed.  The blush is a Rose Gold with a hint of shimmer.  It looks really gorgeous on all skin tones and it’s light enough that it won’t give you an overly blushed look.  The only thing I found disappointing for this palette was that for the price I would have liked to have gotten at least one brush from it.  All in all though, definitely a great buy!

Laura Mercier - Artist Laura Mercier - Artist

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Tarte- Bon Voyage Collector’s Set And Travel Bag $59

Now this set I love because it comes with so much more than just the palette!  For the same price as the Laura Mercier set you get a Palette, a Mascara, a Cheek Stain, a Lip Gloss, a Lip Tint, Maracuja Oil, Finishing Powder and a travel bag.  This is the ultimate gift for someone who you’re not quite sure what to get!  You practically get one of each of their products to try out.  The products it comes with come in a range of colors everything from nude to apricot and it’s great for someone with sensitive skin or who’s worried about parabens and other supposedly harmful makeup products.  The bag it comes with is super cute and great to throw in your purse or for when you travel.  The palette itself is awesome.  You get 20 different Amazonian clay eye shadows, a lot of neutrals mixed in with a few bright colors like blue and green.  An awesome kit for traveling as you can either play it safe or have some fun.  I am definitely loving the variety this provides!
tarte - Bon Voyage Collector's Set And Travel Bagtarte - Bon Voyage Collector's Set And Travel Bag
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Smashbox- Double Exposure Palette $52

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know how obsessed I am with my Smashbox Full Exposure Palette!  While I’m not a huge fan of Smashbox this particular palette is amazing!!  Their new Double Exposure Palette is the next one to follow.  If it’s anything like the first it’s super pigmented, the shadow stays on all day and it takes very little product to apply.  This kit comes with 14 different eyeshadows, there are more blues and purples and bronze colors than in the first kit.  Apparently, if you wet the brush it comes with the eyeshadow transforms, giving you a different effect.  This palette comes with a brush and a mascara which I always love getting extras when I purchase palettes.  I would 100% recommend getting this as I was so impressed by the first palette, I think I may just have to get the second one!

Cargo- Northern Lights Eye Shadow Palette- $39

This is a great alternative to some of the pricier palettes.  Cargo makes really quality products and I have some of their eyeshadows that I love.  This kit also comes with a brush, which is great, although I don’t know much about Cargo brushes’ quality.  The biggest difference with this kit is the colors are all extremely bold.  This is definitely not the kit you get someone who wears neutral shadows every day.  It’s a great kit for adding a little color to your collection and having some fun playing around with them.

it Cosmetics- Holiday Naturally Pretty Celebration Matte Palette  $42

I love it Cosmetics!  They’re such a fun brand, with so many fabulous products!  This palette contains 14 gorgeous matte shadows, including a ‘Transforming Pearl shade’ that will transform any of the mattes into a shimmer shade, essentially giving you 28 options.  This is super cool as I can’t think of many (or any?) other palettes that do this.  These shadows are also supposed to be anti-aging, infused with silk.  The colors in this palette are all very neutral, so you can wear it for an every day look, or dip into the black/blue shades to create a smokey eye.  This is one of those kits that has something for everyone and I am absolutely obsessed!

It Cosmetics

Laura Gellar- 20 Shades of Baked $49

This palette is awesome!  There are 20 gorgeous shades, in a wide variety of colors, making it the perfect palette for traveling.  There are endless combinations of looks you can make with this palette, everything from a very neutral day look, to a super bright, fun night look.  I love palettes that give you such versatility because you can really get a ton of use out of them.  Every color is super pigmented so you don't need a lot of product to get a nice look, which means that this palette will last you forever!  Also, it comes with a 2 sided brush, so you get an added bonus!

Laura Geller   

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NARS- the NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette $79

This is one of the pricier palettes, so I debated adding it.  However, I absolutely love the NARS eyeshadows, and this kit comes with 15!  The colors in this kit are more on the muted side, although there are a couple brighter colors.  It's a nice mix of mattes and shimmers, so you can really play around with the different finishes.  Each of these shadows alone are super expensive, so you're definitely getting your money's worth from this palette.  If you're a NARS fan, then this is definitely the kit for you.
 NARS - The NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette

So those are my current obsessions.  What are yours?



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