Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mink 3D Prints Makeup

So my friend sent me this article today.  Basically you buy this printer and the supplies, and then by choosing whatever color you like you can make your own makeup.  It's pretty cool.  The concept I think is phenomenal, how great would it be if you needed a specific color and you could just be like 'ohhh..I think I'll print it".  

The thing I don't like about this though is it takes away the inspiration you get entering a makeup store.  There are so many products I would never have even though of getting that I walk out with when I go to Sephora and don't even get me started on Mac.  Plus right now it's still on the pricey side since it's in the beginning.

It's very new-age and an awesome idea.  We'll see how the concept pans out but pretty cool to think about.  What do you guys think?


Mink makeup demo

Mink makeup demo

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