Sunday, May 4, 2014

Drugstore Haul

Living in NYC nothing is cheap.  So unfortunately here the difference between drugstore makeup and higher end makeup is minimal.  Therefore, I've found myself buying less drugstore makeup, not because of the quality but just because of the price.  It can cost $15 for a bottle of liquid concealer from Maybelline and $23 for a bottle from Mac.  However, I know that in the rest of America purchasing drugstore makeup can be way less expensive so I've decided to do a Haul purchasing a few different products that I've used in the the past and loved and then later post some tutorials with those products.  

My favorite drugstore brand hands-down is Maybelline.  They have every kind of makeup and everything I've ever used by them has been amazing!  Almay is great for sensitive skin and Covergirl is of course classic.

So check out my Haul video and see my reviews!



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