Monday, June 16, 2014

Winner of the Giveaway!!!

Hey all!

So if you've been following my blog you've seen I've been doing a give-away in honor of my mother who's currently FIGHTING/BEATING cancer (again ugh).... I decided I wanted to do a giveaway but I wanted it to mean something.  So  I spent a lot of time researching companies who cared about/gave to breast cancer past the month of October.  I found Estee Lauder was currently selling a super cute purse, lip gloss and lip stick in which the majority of the proceeds go to breast cancer research.  I decided to do a giveaway of that product.  I asked people to follow me on my blog, on Twitter, or on IG and I've had such an amazing/unexpected response!  So, today I'm announcing the winner...

The winner of my giveaway is Megan Harris .  She has the CUTEST fashion blog with the best clothing!!  I definitely recommend checking it out!

Tomorrow I'll be back with a makeup blog but in the meantime screw cancer and let's get rid of it for good!!! My mom is beyond an inspiration.  This is her 3rd time in chemo and she's as strong as the first time.  God bless her and everyone fighting every kind of horrible cancer there is xoxoxox



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