Monday, March 16, 2015

Beauty.Com Absolutely SUCKS

Hey all,

So I'm not one to generalize usually, I like to give things the benefit of the doubt and and definitely not one to write off an entire website.  I've written posts and made videos before where I've sung the praises of, but after my last experience I will NEVER use them again!

In December I purchased some products from them and received a "free" (and I use that term LOOSELY) with purchase.  It had a few different SAMPLES that they sent that were decent, but nothing amazing.  Honestly, I hadn't even really touched them as none appealed to me that much.  I was much more interested in what I bought.

Having purchased my products online I wasn't sure about the colors and if I would like them but I thought I would try.  I tested the products out and decided which ones I liked.  I returned about the items I received where the colors didn't work or the product itself wasn't worth it.  About a solid month after I returned my items I received this email:

"Since you have returned items Kelly, we would need to have the free gift returned as well, as the inclusion of the free gift was based on your initial purchase. Since your purchase has been returned to stock at your request, you would unfortunately no longer qualify for the free gift. 

As the gift was not returned, we would deduct the value of the gift with purchase from your refund amount. Your refund amount would be $123.70, and the value of the gift with purchase is $170.00, so no refund would be due."


Customer Care Specialist

Essentially, since I decided to return products that I had purchased online with no prior trial decided to charge me for a "free" gift I had never even asked for.  Not only did they decide to charge me for this free gift, they decided to charge me almost $200 for said "free" gift.  


So now, in order to get a credit for the items I returned, that I no longer have possession of, I have to pay for the postage to return a free gift that I never asked for in the first place.

I have never in my life been faced with such ineptitude.  Sephora, will take  back pretty much anything without asking for samples back.  Mac will give you 45 days and will NOT ask for any samples back.  Ulta, the same.  Pretty much any store you go to, the same.

So now, I have to go find what samples were included because God forbid I forget something and get charged so I can't get my refund.  To say I will never shop at again is an understatement.  I am absolutely infuriated and cannot believe this kind of treatment.  What a shitty, half-ass, poorly run store.

My advice:  spend the extra money and purchase at a REAL store, even if it's online.  Avoid at all costs!

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