Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Current Obsession: Tory Burch Lip Color

I absolutely love Tory Burch purses and clothing and pretty much anything she puts out in general.  However, her new lip colors really take the cake.  Every tiny detail of this product is amazing.  It comes in the most gorgeous, very Tory Burch-esque cover, which is this great orange with super sophisticated gold pattern.  Even just taking the tube out of my purse gives me little butterflies!  

Tory Burch - Lip ColorTory Burch - Lip Color

You can't tell me that's not just perfection.  So, after you get past starting at the gorgeous packaging the marketing geniuses at Tory Burch designed, you may actually get to try out the product; and it will not disappoint!  It comes in 12 gorgeous colours, everything from coral to berry, to even some very pretty nude colors.  I'm still not ready to put away my corals until my tan is absolutely gone, but berry is definitely going to be the "It" shade this fall.  

What I love about these lipsticks is they're ever so lightly scented and they are super moisturizing on your lips.  My only disappointment was that all the shades have some form of shimmer in them so you can't get a great matte look from any of these, but I would still purchase anyways.  It's not too overwhelmingly frosty which can happen quite easily.  Instead, it just leaves a soft touch of shimmer on your lips which can be really pretty when you're going for that look.  

The lipsticks are a little on the expensive side, costs $32 a tube so I couldn't go crazy and buy all 12, but purchasing one or two colors that you love and will wear repeatedly is definitely worth.  Plus, what better feeling than whipping that beautiful tube out of your purse! 

A+ on the packaging
B+ on the product



buy it here    or here

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