Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Play on Mac's A Novel Romance Eye Shadow Palette

Recently Mac came out with this "A Novel Romance Collection" featuring 3 new eye shadow palettes.  I haven't been this impressed with a collection in quite a while!  I fell absolutely in love with the 'A Novel Romance' Eye Shadow Palette.  It comes with 4 different colors ranging from pale neutrals to mid-toned grays, shimmery greens and deep browns.

MAC Cosmetics: A Novel Romance: Eye Shadow x4

The Palettes are all $40 each which is great if you don't have anything similar to these colors, or are in need of an eye shadow case.  You can play around with different colors and pop in and out other colors to custom make your own palette as well.  I absolutely loved these colors in the store, but had similar ones at home so I couldn't bring myself to purchase it.  Instead, I decided to make a tutorial using the colors I had at home and doing a play on this palette.  I tried to incorporate bright colors on my cheeks and lips as a little farewell to summer as well.  

Check it out, let me know what you think!



p.s.- sorry about the hair, not sure why I'm rocking a flat top?! lol

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