Tuesday, August 19, 2014

They’re Real! Push-Up Liner by Benefit: Save Your Money

I recently on one of my Sephora trips I saw this really cool new eyeliner called “They’re Real! Push-Up Liner” by Benefit.  I was intrigued by the shape of the tip.  It’s angled and looked as though it would be ideal for creating that perfect cat-eye look.  Plus, I’m a big fan of Benefit products in general so I thought at the very least it would delivery the quality I expected.  Sadly though, I was disappointed.  Firstly, you have to twist up the bottom to get the liner to come out.  Anyone who’s ever used a product like this knows you twist and twist until all of a sudden a flood of product comes out and you have way more product on the brush than you know what to do with.  Then, as I used it the product came out very unevenly.  I found it incredibly difficult to get a nice line going all the way across my eye, it looked very broken and spotty and because it was a liquid liner I didn’t want to smudge it out.  The only thing I really liked about it was the angled tip was great for the corner and creating that cat eye.  That part was very easy to do and because the line can be a little thicker there the corner came out very nicely. 

Overall, I think this brush is great if you’re just starting out and learning how to use liquid liner.  Because it’s a little thicker you don’t have to be as precise with the line which depending on how large/small your eyes are can be good or bad.  I know for me personally, having incredibly small eyes, if I  put on too much liner it closes my eyes off and makes them look really small.  If you have larger eyes this is a good product because the angled brush helps you get the technique down. 

I was pleasantly surprised as well at how little it smudged.  Once it dries it does not move and it really lasts all day.  The price is $24 which is pretty average for a non-drugstore liner.  I really wouldn’t recommend this product due to how hard it is to apply but if you’re really just trying to get the angled look down it may be a good tool for practicing.  For me, I’ll stick with my Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liner.



Benefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Push-Up LinerBenefit Cosmetics - They're Real! Push-Up Liner

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  1. I've heard many mixed reviews about this. But many have said exactly what you are saying.Thanks for the review!

    xo Franchesca| City Mermaid