Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Interesting Read: The 6 Most Returned Products to Sephora

Wow...I didn't realize how long it'd been since I last posted!  Sorry guys!  On that note, this is kind of a lazy post, so I promise my next one will be better, but my friend sent me this really interesting article that I really wanted to post about.  It's an article by Kristen Bousquet posted on Beauty High.  It's about the 6 most returned items to Sephora.

I found it so interesting because the first few items I was completely agreed and was like 'yeahhh...this article is so right!' and then as I read on I found 2 of my favorite products on the list and was shocked!  As you know I am obsessed with Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil bronzer.  I think it's one of the best bronzers I've used.  It's lightweight, lasts all day and doesn't have that orangey tint that a lot of bronzers have.  It's a nice, deep, matte bronzer that really gives more of a natural, shadow than a lot of the other bronzers that I've tried.  I also have no problem blending it so I was very surprised that a lot of people had that complaint.

The other item I was shocked by was the NARS All-Day Luminous Weightless Foundation.   I was a fan of the foundation formula they had previously and when I went to refill it I found out they had replaced it or "upgraded it" to this formula.  I am seriously in love with this.  It's super light weight, easy to apply and lasts all day, even without a primary.  The article isn't very detailed as to what the complaints are but even when I first apply the foundation I'm happy with it.  I also have a co-worker who purchased it at the same time as me and every morning she wore it I would walk into work and tell her her skin looked amazing.  I could visibly see the difference when she applied it.

The Smashbox Contour Stick Trio I'm not surprised by.  I've used those myself and they are difficult to blend and not worth the time they take to get a nice look.  In general I'm not a fan of contour sticks but these in particular didn't last and were very messy.

Also, Benefit's 'They're Real' liner I've actually reviewed myself on this blog previously.  I absolutely hated it!  It's very difficult to put on, it does not "help beginners" and it smudges very easily despite what the reviews may say.

The other products I haven't tried yet.  Now I'm intrigued to see how I feel about them since I'm so strongly divided on this article!

Have any of you tried these?  What are your thoughts?



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