Sunday, December 8, 2013

Naked 3 Review

If you're like most beauty addicts you've been salivating at the arrival of the Naked 3 Eye Shadow Palette from Urban Decay.  The first two palettes were awesome, so I definitely had high hopes for this one.  I was not disappointed!  While the first two palettes focused more on smokey eye colors (Naked 1), and then on neutrals (Naked 2), this one has a really nice mix of both neutral colors, and non-traditional smokey eye colors.  I'm someone who loves using purples and browns for a smokey eye instead of more basic blacks or silvers.  This product is perfect for that.  It has a really nice mix of neutral lid colors and then some purple, mauve, red, pinkish colors for a nice pop.

I think this product has so much versatility for different looks and you can really play around with it.  You can get both day looks and night looks, so it's great for traveling as well.  Personally, I just really like the shades that this palette offers.  I think this is their most unique palette, with the colors being really pretty and different than a traditional black or silver where there are only so  many shades you can get.  These colors are different than you'd find with other brands so it adds some nice options to your collection.  

The only thing I don't like about the palette is I wish it had more matte colors.  Most of the shadows have a really pretty frosted finish, but you can't add as much dimension without mixing in a matte shadow.  Other than that I have to say this is my favorite Naked palette.

I love my new Naked 3 palette and hope that Naked 4 isn't too far behind!

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